For Good

We choose projects to partner with pro bono each year. Let us know how we can help if you would like to be considered for a pro bono partnership.

Using the power of creativity to help community causes is important to us at TBWA\. That’s why we donate our time and smarts to help a selection of Kiwi organisations that need a little help.

If your organisation could benefit from disruptive creative thinking, please send us an email outlining the organisation you represent, your organisation’s role, the challenges you’re up against, as well as any links to things that will be of help for us.

Recently we have supported Melanoma NZ and the vaccination drive in New Zealand.

We also work on our own initiatives. Bodyright has been a labour of love for one and a half years and is an ongoing programme for the agency. We acknowledge the sometimes-negative impact advertising can have, but that means we can also use the power of creativity to help address this. Bodyright encourages everyone – from brands to influencers and individuals – to avoid unethical re-touching, celebrate themselves as they are and protect their own image from re-touching or filters. Check out more at