We are constantly bombarded by altered images from media, brands, celebrities, and influencers that set unrealistic expectations about our own bodies. Bodyright is encouraging social media users to drop the filter and post natural and unretouched pictures on their feeds.

Bodyright is the first copyright for the human body, it can be used by anyone around the world and it encourages brands, influencers, and advertisers of all types to post only authentic images that remain unfiltered and unretouched on all their social media platforms.

We want to challenge everyone to detox from the filters, removing the effects, delete the re-touching and share images of their bodies in their un-altered glory.

This initiative was imagined and created by TBWA and created wholly through the work of our teams and partners. We would like to especially thank:

Good Oil
Josiah Watson, Director
Troy Goodall, Photographer
Michelle Hyslop, Photographer
Sara Tautuku Orme, Photographer
Brand Ambassadors
David Liti
Jzayla Hughey
Jessica Quinn
Jascha-Lynik Sprange
Hetty Hahn
Sha Marie


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