The Everything Project

Southern Cross Health Insurance


As New Zealand’s biggest and oldest health insurer, Southern Cross wanted to disrupt B2B comms and turn up in a new and relevant way to build their leadership position in a year where workers had never felt more exhausted or more worried about their mental and physical health.

With the arrival of a global pandemic came a new national consciousness of the commitment and dedication of our nation’s workers. TBWA saw an opportunity to help Southern Cross re-enforce their category leadership position, with a project that recognises the workers across the country who give it their everything. A ‘Thank you’ to the nation’s workforce from the nation’s largest health insurer.

Working in collaboration with photographer and film maker, Daniel Max, we travelled the country to capture the places and faces of our hard-working New Zealand workforce. This striking imagery celebrated the sweat, smarts, and sacrifice in a heroic series. Capturing the camaraderie, support, and unique bonds that we as colleagues and employers share, we gave a group that is often unseen and underappreciated the long overdue recognition they deserve.


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