Hey Small Spender

The Warehouse


Everyone knows The Warehouse as the place you go to get a bargain. But in a world where big spender culture, bling and excess are often celebrated, we needed to consider how to keep one of NZ’s most iconic brands fresh and relevant.

Despite the cultural pressure of high-end labels and wealthy lifestyles, research told us that 96% of New Zealanders feel really proud when they get a good deal on a quality product. From this, the Hey Small Spender platform was born.

Hey Small Spender celebrates our savvy shoppers by playing off how stylish and clever you feel when you get what you want without spending the earth. Working with director Joel Kefali and music composer Cam Ballanytne, we set out to make ads that felt more like music videos, chocka-filled with products from The Warehouse.


TVC, OLV, OOH, Social



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