Data Piñata



Instead of simply giving away data, we asked New Zealand to earn it. How? By looking to the sky and smashing it out of a giant, pink, AR piñata.

The big fluffy fella appeared above the country, allowing users to have a swing wherever they were by going to There they could wield their whacker — the Mallet of Malice, the Pan-demoniom, or the Nuke-lele, search the skies and whack the piñata for their free data. Every day the piñata would appear again with a fresh amount of data, giving people the chance to smash their daily dose. 12 million whacks later, the campaign proved the perfect antidote to the traditional Christmas retail promotion, with even customers from the other telcos having a smash.


TVC, OLV, Digital, Radio, mobile app development and delivery, in-store


Sweet Caroline

Demonstrating when you’re with the right people, it shows.