Data Piñata Armada



How do you follow up a smash hit campaign? You make it bigger, bolder and piñata-er.

Summer 2022, when 2degrees wanted to give away more free data than ever before, we created The Data Piñata. An AR piñata that let people whack it out of.

So the following year, when 2degrees wanted to give away even more data, we created not one, not two, but an armada of Data Piñatas. 22 uniquely designed characters, each with their own look, data amount, and attitude. People could find one every day,

But to collect them all, they had to venture out to sports games, beaches, bush walk and 2degrees stores.

Plushies were created, conspiracy theories were hatched, free data was won, as the entire country was sent into a smashing frenzy.


TV, OLV, OOH, Digital, Cinema, Social, AR Game Experience


​ Taste The Care

A little peak into Kiwi homes to re-establish how Anchor has been part of Kiwi life for over 5 generations.