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Noel Leeming


Noel Leeming is NZ’s largest electronics retailer. Everyone is familiar with the name, but what Noel’s really pride themselves on is their service. We were tasked to show that Noel Leeming is the place for Kiwis to go to get the most out of their tech.

The Noel Leeming character was created as the embodiment of the brand. He’s helpful, knowledgeable, Kiwi as can be, and always has a smile on his face.

The campaign has had an immediate impact on brand perception and awareness of its values, with significant increases across every metric, including a 31% rise for ‘in line with Kiwi values’ and a 74% rise for ‘supports its local community’


TVC, OLV, OOH, Special build OOH, Social, In-store comms, In-store activation


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