VIS – The Road Safety Collection

Southern Cross Pet Insurance


After launching a new brand mission to help pets live their best lives for longer, Southern Cross Pet Insurance’s first fight was pet road safety. With millions of pets killed or injured around roads every year, we wanted to help reduce the risk of our customers’ fur babies getting hit by vehicles, and not just pay out after it had happened.

Our solution: Pets needed to be seen.

To make something truly unmissable, we broke out of the beige world of insurance and turned to an industry that’s all about visibility: Fashion. In collaboration with celebrity fashion designer Matthew Adams Dolan, who’s known for styling the likes of Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Gigi Hadid, we dropped an eye-catching high fashion – hi vis pet road safety collection.

8 high fashion couture pieces were designed and made by hand in Italy by Matthew, along with a ready-to-wear accessible bandana range. The pieces use special retro reflective and iridescent materials to make thousands of Kiwi pets who are now wearing them light-up in car headlights.

To launch VIS we enlisted the help of art and directing collective, The Glue Society. Turning up like a famous fashion label and not an insurance brand was key to grabbing the nation’s attention. The Fashion Week inspired campaign saw dogs walking catwalks. Runways made from cones, zebra crossings and road signs. And fashion photographers snapping our pets through day and night.


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