Future Vision

Auckland Transport


To give Aucklanders a picture of Auckland Transport’s vision for a more connected future, we borrowed the vision of Auckland’s top street photographers to bring the best parts together.

Auckland Transport has dozens of ongoing projects across rail, bus and cycle networks, all with the aim of making Auckland more connected. But these projects weren’t going to be completed overnight. So we needed to help Aucklanders look beyond the road cones and remind them what makes their city so great.

We approached eleven of Auckland’s top street photographers to give us their own vision of their city. Culminating in a campaign that seamlessly brought together the beautiful, eclectic culture of Tamaki Makaurau. A perfect metaphor for what Auckland Transport’s projects are aiming to achieve. Helping Auckland buy into our vision by bringing together theirs.


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Good Tings – First Phone Programme

A 2degrees initiative to support kids and parents when it comes to phone safety.