ANZ Good Energy Upgrades



For the planet. For the pocket. For puppy love. No matter why Kiwis are looking to make sustainable changes around the home, ANZ Bank is giving them the ‘how’ with ANZ Good Energy Home Upgrades.

WE DO HOW. Three simple, powerful words drive ANZ’s mission to help Kiwis improve their financial wellbeing. While going green has always come with a price tag, we wanted to show Kiwis how making sustainable changes to the home doesn’t have to mean a big step back for your finances. ANZ Good Energy Upgrades provide low interest loans to make energy efficient changes that save energy (and money) in the long run. Good for the planet, and good your pocket. This disruptive message was brought to life with charming, memorable storytelling featuring the Sharma family.


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We Do How

How a new all-of-bank platform is getting Kiwis closer to financial wellbeing.