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The Beacons
In the saturated world of sport sponsorship, we helped 2degrees cut through the cliché by developing a TV series that brought their fairness mission to their Super Rugby sponsorship.

Second Chance Charlie followed the fate of five Super Rugby wannabes, who had been dealt an unfair blow in their quest for rugby stardom.

The first season attracted 1.3m viewers over 8 weeks, delivering an increase in brand awareness, 100% increase in awareness of their sponsorship of Super Rugby and a 40% increase in awareness of Fighting for Fair. We didn’t just throw our logo at our sponsorship of rugby - we made the rugby season a more fun and fair experience for all.


Strategy, Show Idea & Development, Naming & Design, Social, PR, Digital, Production


Broadcast, TV Show, OOH, Digital, Social, EDM, In Game Advertising, PR


Axis 2021

  • Long Form Single - Silver
  • Branded Content campaign - Bronze

Beacon 2021

  • Advertiser of the Year - 2degrees
  • Best Use of Content - Gold
  • Creative Media Idea - Gold
  • Best Communications Strategy - Gold
  • Best Use of Insight - Silver
  • Consumer Services - Silver
  • Best Collaboration - Silver
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