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Long White is a brand synonymous with fun, freedom and sunshine. Looking to inspire people to spend their time living free and feeling fulfilled as often as possible.

So, when the nation went into lockdown (again) we needed to get creative to deliver on that promise. With Covid requirements all carefully considered and adhered to, we took rock & roll band ‘Racing’ across the city to play three sets outside MIQ facilities - to the obvious delight of those currently feeling the least free in their mandatory seven days of quarantine.

One band, one truck, three MIQ facilities. And 15 minutes of fun for those in MIQ. It became Auckland’s first live music performance in more than three months.

At Auckland’s lowest point, when we’d never found it harder to find the time for the things that make us feel truly free and fulfilled, this activation helped those going through MIQ and the essential workers supporting them a taste of the freedom that we’re all longing for.


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