This year saw Nissan launch its latest addition to the Navara range, the NP300, a once in a decade event.

TBWA has been tasked with generating excitement and demand preceding the arrival of the new truck. The key focus is on driving the messages surrounding the seven innovative features of the NP300, and growing community and user engagement via the Nissan Facebook page.

With production partners Rush Digital, TBWA have developed an online memory game, which users can play pre-launch to generate product excitement.

Drawing influence from the classic 1970’s electronic game “Simon”, Navara Says asks users to learn and then repeat back sequences highlighting the product’s key features in a fun, yet educational way.

The premise of Navara Says is that it was a game that’s an ad – through playing the game the users will familiarise themselves with the NP300 and all its benefits.

The hook being that entrants in Navara Says have a chance to win a Navara NP300 for themselves.

Leighton Agnew, National Marketing and Planning Manager, Nissan NZ says “Navara Says is a unique way to get our target engaged with the features of the new Navara NP300. Instead of the conventional advertisement or product demonstration the agency has turned it into a challenging game.”

Navara Says runs for 6 weeks and is available to play online at www.np300.co.nz